Everyone wants that perfect beach body when going abroad; it’s what makes us feel comfortable when venturing out onto beaches showing more skin than your use to. However regaining this confidence is not just about your body appearance and you don’t need to go on any crazy diets to feel confident when going abroad.  You can also feel safe that you’re not inclined to eat carbs towards the build-up of your holiday. At the end of the day it’s not just about losing weight that’s related to your confidence, you need to take other things into account too.

Feeling Confident

Think other than your body, try to discover what’s you confident and what is affecting your well being and lifestyle, don’t just purely focus on your weight as half the time this may not be the issue. When thinking about your lifestyle, reflect on where you are now and then try to evaluate where you want to be in the next three, six months or even a year, things to consider are :

  • Your energy levels
  • Your quality and quantity of sleep
  • Your body
  • You’re eating
  • Balance in your life
  • Your mind-set and daily mood
  • Stress and anxiety levels
  • Any current frustrations
  • Your overall feelings about yourself and the current state of your life.

You might think to yourself, how am I supposed to contend with all of these with my busy schedule? Just focus on the loudest and most urgent areas that you need to tackle in the build-up of your holiday and be careful not to over commit otherwise your confidence might falter less.

Your appearance

Do stuff for you not for others wear what you like and what you feel comfortable. When creating your look don’t take into account of what others think of you, they’re not you. If you want hair replacement to capture back your younger years then do it! Don’t let anyone stop you; the professional Istanbul hair replacement will make you look the best again. Just always do stuff for you, to impress you.

Make sure you try things on

The links to the paragraph above, never hesitate in trying on new things, if you have to try on everything… then try on everything! Make sure you find something that makes you feel comfortable with your body and image. Don’t rush into buying on your summer suit; literally test out every style, cut and materials till you have found something you feel comfortable in. You’d be surprised how much pieces of clothing is out there for your trip abroad and all these pieces will suit different bodies. So make some free time and try on everything, at some point you will find something that will give you confidence. An example can be trying on a halter neck, and if that doesn’t fit good then try something else. Don’t discount high-waist bikinis either. Basically if you’re conscious of your tummy, they’re a great halfway point to make you feel comfortable whilst still showing a flash of skin.

Good Posture

Good posture can account for everything. You could be the most toned person in the world but the posture can let you down and it honestly makes all the difference. Having good posture can define your shape making you feel slimmer without you even realising, just stretch up tall, throw your shoulders back, and stand with as much confidence as you can muster. Straightening your spine is literally the quickest and most effective change you can make, and it’s free, so don’t underestimate its value.