If you’re anything like most of us Brits, you too love nothing more than planning for and looking forward to your next holiday. Whether your ideal holiday involves sunshine filled beach lounging or an action packed skiing escapade, we often work hard so we can play hard, right? And, while some of us are more than happy with a hostel and fast food dinner, many people are now chasing the luxurious scenes they are confronted with every day on Instagram and other forms of social media. What do you do if you want a champagne holiday on a beer budget? We have investigated into some of the most luxurious holiday destinations that are as affordable as they are glamorous. To find out where you could be spending your next vacay in blissful grandeur without breaking the bank, keep on reading…

Elounda in Crete

While Crete is a relatively cheap holiday destination, it may come as a surprise that there are a few parts of this Greek island that can add just the right amount of glamour without the price tag of the Italian Riviera. Elounda is just in the east of Crete and was once a quaint little fishing village before being developed into a world famous resort filled with luxury hotels and stunning scenery.

Cape Town in South Africa

Going on an African safari may seem like something only the royals get to do, but we have found the perfect loophole which means this unforgettable holiday of a lifetime is more available that ever before. If you travel to Cape Town between May and September, typically considered to be the low seasons, you may find that while the weather is a little chillier (if we are judging by African standards that is!), the price of the holiday is significantly reduced. What’s more is that this time is among one of the best to see wildlife!

Cascais in Portugal

Our neighbouring country of Portugal is one of the more budget friendly places to go to in Europe. And while Lisbon is a popular location for city breaks, Cascais has often been overlooked despite being a seriously hidden gem. The town is packed with amazing restaurants and upbeat bars and is just a short drive away from Lisbon too! With unrivalled natural beauty and friendly people, you will be hard pressed to find a more stunning and glamorous holiday destination.

The Maldives

The Maldives has to be the epitome of luxury travel and you could well be looking at forking out up to £5k per head if you’re after a 5* holiday. There are ways to enjoy the blissful beauty and serenity of island paradise life. There are options for budget conscious travellers too if you know where to look, with independent accommodation and local restaurants on offer, providing a completely new take on the experience you would find  at a big name resort.

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