Stranding on a road due to car breakdown? Don’t need to panic if you have insured your car with roadside assistance add-on. It’s one most effective add-on without which your car insurance policy is not actually comprehensive. This particular add-on in car insurance provides round the clock emergency service at the time of your vehicle breakdown and helps you deal with the inconvenience. Roadside assistance add-on offers different services like towing, on-site repair service, alternate battery, replacement of keys and fuel assistance etc.

Below are the Benefits of Opting for Roadside Assistance

  • Towing Service: In case your car is damaged due to an accident on the middle of the road and it is immobilized due to mechanical breakdowns, roadside assistance cover is what comes in for your rescue. You just need to call the toll free number provided by your insurer; they make an arrangement to tow away your car to nearest service centre and reduce your inconvenience.
  • Battery Jump Start: Getting stuck on the road with flat batteries can be very stressful. And most of the time it happens at an inconvenient time and at an inappropriate place. For instance, you have parked your car in busy shopping complex and battery of your car dies out, it feels like an unwanted hassle as may have to go out and find a technician. Same is not the case if you opt for roadside assistance cover in your car insurance. At times of such situations, your insurer will send their technician to the spot to repair and jumpstart the battery or arrange for alternate battery.
  • Assistance for Flat Tyre: When you are travelling on highway, flat tyre can worsen your mood. In such vulnerable situation you can make use of roadside assistance add-on to get out of the inconvenient situation smoothly. Insurer will arrange a mechanic to come over to the spot and get the flat tyre replaced.
  • Lockout Service with Spare key: consider a situation where in you have locked your keys inside the car. The only best way to get into your car is to arrange for spare keys. If you have the road assistance cover included in your comprehensive plan, your insurer can make an arrangement for locksmith to cover over on the location and help you unlock with the spare keys.
  • Over the call Service for Breakdowns: When your car breakdowns, especially in the unfamiliar locality, you can call up your insurer for assistance. Under the roadside assistance add-on, you will be provided with first-hand assistance over the telephone in case of breakdown.
  • Fuel Assistance: Sometimes, running out of fuel can put you in a vulnerable situation which can be easily dealt with the help of roadside assistance cover.
  • Minor Repairing Services: You are stuck in the middle of a highway and your car needs a minor repair, you can make use of roadside assistance cover and get it repaired. Upon placing a request, your insurer will make an arrangement for technician to arrive on the spot to take care of the problem.
  • Alternate Vehicle Arrangements: You are in a hurry to reach somewhere and your car breakdown; you can stay stress-free if you have roadside assistance cover. Insurer will arrange you rented taxi or any other alternative arrangement to reach safely to the destination. Not to worry about your car as representative from your insurer will take care of the matter. However, these features are offered by only some of the insurers.
  • Accommodation Arrangement: In case of accidents/ breakdowns, some of the insurers offer free accommodation facility to the policyholder to certain extent if the repair time is more.

Most of the services provided in this cover are free. However, you still may have to bear some costs that are not covered under the add-on- for example fuel cost for refuelling. This particular add-on comes at nominal extra cost. Pricing depends on age of the four-wheeler and your travel route.


To sum it up, Roadside assistance add-on is of great help during accidents and car breakdown. Make your car insurance plan more extensive by adding riders like roadside assistance cover keeping in mind the emergency requirements. Timely assistance can reduce the inconvenience and make you stress-free.